Welcome to the home of South Africa’s first, solution driven, travel friendly ✈️ Professional makeup brand.

Achieve your “no-makeup makeup” glow in just a few steps , with our user friendly , cruelty free products . 

What is Colour Correcting?

The technique of Colour Correcting has been used successfully by Professional Makeup artists for years. Now you too can neutralize imperfections, blur out uneven skin tones and dark circles with our innovative , solution driven products .

Launched in 2017, with a clear vision to declutter & simplify your makeup routine .

We’ve taken a leap  -Beginning in the middle.

Our current range of products come in just one shade , best suited to a wide spectrum of medium skin tones .

Our vision is to expand on this in the future , and be inclusive of skin tones on either side, but for now , we’re keeping it real ,with the niche that we understand, creating honest products , inspired by You . 

We are the brand that your best friend told you about .

Here at Colour Correct , our focus is the end result and experience achieved by every user. We have made a promise to stay true to our vision & to grow organically through honest , word of mouth marketing , and thank you for being part of our journey & contributing towards our authenticity. 

Our Brand

The Colour Correct Brand is a Solution driven , Professional Make up line, designed in South Africa, by women for women.

We are Inspired By YOU

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Inspired By You


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